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Our Vision: “To Prepare souls for Christ and for His Kingdom Citizenship”

Our Mission: “To Labor for Christ through teaching, preaching, studying and

living the word of God”

Our Purpose: “ To create an atmosphere in our Church to encourage

those in attendance to have an experience with the Lord”


Birthed out of a prophetic calling in 1999, Immanuel Memorial Missionary Baptist became a reality in November 2009. After much praying coupled with meetings seeking God’s direction and instruction on how, when and where; our 1st service was held on January 10, 2010 in the W.L. Truesdale Chapel.

In March 2010 we were consecrated as a church and Reverend Vernell Lyles was installed as our Pastor. This service was held at the Logan Chapel CME Church, with Reverend Dr. Fred A. Gibson performing the honors. We began with 27 members and by year’s end, we were blessed to have 30 members. We may have been counted small in numbers, but we were large in spirit and in a love for God. We were just the right size to experience God as we grew in all areas. Darnell Smith was ordained and added to the Deacons Ministry in December 2011 with Dr. George Cook administering the rites. We continued to worship in the Truesdale Chapel until the 2nd Sunday in January 2011(our 1st service Anniversary Day). It was on this day that the Cloud lifted and led us to our present location. This move afforded us the privileges to explore new ministries and establish some 1st annual services and programs. We hosted our 1st Vacation Bible School, our first Fall Revival and our 1st 12 Tribe Program and established a faith-partnership with Hickory Grove Elementary School. It is our desire to be visible in the community where God has placed us.

As a new ministry we stand on the shoulders of many; one in particular is our Pastor the late Dr. Robert H. Leak, Sr. who trained our pastor on how to love the people of the flock, over which God has made her overseer. Acts 20:28 was the verse he would rehearse over and over in her ears; “Keep watch over yourselves and over all the flock of which Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the Church of God that He obtained with the blood of His own Son.” Pastor Leak reminded her that “the church belongs to God, therefore treat and serve God’s people well, that you may please God.”

As we prepare yet for another lifting of the Cloud, we the members of Immanuel Memorial Missionary Baptist Church come today, to present our bodies a living sacrifice unto the Lord. We come today to re-dedicate, re-commit and re-align ourselves in the word of God that we may carry out the mandate God has placed on us individually and communally. God established us for a purpose, and we are determined to follow the Cloud to our destiny.

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